It may sound cliche, but it is true when they say that change is the only constant thing in this world. Everything evolves; fashion, technology, trends, places, prices of commodities, and even SEO (search engine optimization) strategies.

Over the years, the internet itself has evolved dramatically. The techniques digital marketers used to increase website traffic before may no longer work today. The tactics used by even the best houston seo company that helped increase one’s search engine result can now be the cause of troubles.

If you want to spare yourself from the headache of getting penalized by Google and other search engines, then you must avoid using these top 4 outdated SEO tricks in your website.

Overflowing Keywords

Have you ever come across a website where specific words or phrases have been repeated numerous times even if it is already grammatically incorrect? This is one good example of keyword stuffing. During the early days of SEO, using overflowing keywords in content can instantly rank your page. Those tactics were a hit when search engines could only interpret keyword density.

Back in the days, when a website content reaches a keyword density of 10% or higher, the ranking automatically increases. So instead of effortlessly using the keywords in the content, it looks like a spam content with redundant words and phrases. 

Keyword stuffing doesn’t work anymore. If you bombard your content with repetitive keywords, your website will no longer appear in the search result page for quite some time. Nowadays, the focus should be on quality content. A website with informative materials will not just put you on top of search engine result, but will also earn the trust of your readers. 

Paid Links

Buying links is a clear violation of Google’s webmaster policies and could lead your website to get sandboxed. Buying links may expose you to domains violating other guidelines, which may further penalize your site.  

Homepage Link

Linking your homepage to other backlinks is not a violation to any of Google or other search engine’s guidelines. However, bombarding a content with links to your homepage, then that could be a problem. It must be clear that Google ranks pages, not websites.

This is the reason why you should invest and exert extra effort in loading your website with quality contents rather than just a plain homepage. Linking a homepage should be done naturally. For example, the article is talking about a specific brand, and it connects to the brand’s homepage at once. 

Exact-match Anchor Text

Matching your link with your anchor text is a sure way of attracting penalties. It sure has the potential to increase your page rank, but it has a higher possibility of being flagged down for spam. 

Exact-match anchor text is simply linking a homepage of the actual term stated on the content. For example, the link mentioned the words “dental clinic” and you connect it to the homepage of a real dental clinic’s website.

Filling your website with contents like this will make your domain less trustworthy, which may lead to less traffic and conversion. 


There is nothing wrong with applying the best practices in SEO, but be careful as outdated or overly done tactics may do you more harm than good. Looking for the best houston seo company should not be a problem, visit our office now to know more.